Saturday, May 13, 2006

why's this funny?

First, I wrote a heartfelt reactionary post to the email I got from a fellow heart mom from CVRU. It turned out, through a stream of consciousness thought process, sounding angry and sarcastic, leaving me to look bitter and hateful.

I saved it as a draft. Maybe sometime I'll revise it - so it matches my true intent.
Then I wrote another post, a random bit of nonsense that said nothing. I deleted it, and went surfing - you know how it is, clicking through cyberspace like a smooth rock on water.

Along the way I found this particular site... It's a good thought really, one intended to preserve the sanctity of marriage, the respectability of sex and of women. I appreciate that they take their stand without aligning themselves with any religious/feminist/political movement. They obviously (according to the "what this site is" and "what this site isn't" links) feel no need to justify, explain, defend or debate their viewpoint or the various reasons for joining their list. They're completely non-confrontational, and considering the volatility of their subject matter, I find that impressive on its own.

Despite that, I have to admit that it made me laugh, a lot. Hard. Really hard. I don't mean to make fun of it, really I don't. It's just funny.

Go have a look.


  1. What?! well, that's one more organization I wont be joining! LOL *blushes* And why are you up so late? Go to sleep, Erin! (or go outside and stare at the full moon, it's beautiful tonight!!)

  2. Well, that does it for me. I'm taking the pledge!

  3. How gay is that? Really. Not like gay as in members of the same sex DOIN' IT! I mean that's really not cool. Or maybe I'm just a dirty birdy! Oh! Yep!

  4. uh porn. yeah. stand up for your porno rights! I'm starting a counter effort. This has gone too far!

  5. Makes me sing "You down with NPP?!" Heh! Thanks for the laugh. Now I'll be singing that for the rest of the day. Should have made it their background music.

  6. LMAO Perhaps it's porn and not poetry that is the cohesive factor in our little online family!

    I just think it's silly that people who choose to refrain from viewing porn feel the need to sign a pledge stating that fact.

    Maybe we should start a site for porn lovers to pledge to continue viewing it?


  7. And their presentation is so bad. It's like their saying, well, I pledge not to view porn, but I'm not sure if I really believe myself, so, here's this disclaimer because you might not believe that I believe myself. I just want to say... S l o w d o w n, Skippy. You make this silly vow, why? It's not because they don't like porn. That's for sure. Fuck it. I'll just be mean and say that these are some misguided fools. Probably doing it for show, to prove to someone or some group that they're CURED from the dreaded porn demon. Yeah. I'd say it's a boat load of dung. For sure.

  8. Exactly - seems it would be those most likely to "relapse" that would feel the need to sign a pledge vowing not to view it.

    I dunno. It was funny to me because Scott used to host/build porn sites because there was money in it. Then they changed the laws re: internet porn, and the money wasn't so easy anymore, so he quit doing it. So I saw the site, and teased him about signing the list. That's probably only funny to us, because we're weird.