Wednesday, May 24, 2006

Silliness and seriousness

My husband has a chronic case of it, a lifelong case I'm afraid. Laura does too (hers couldn't be helped considering her location and surroundings) and her compulsion is shared by her husband Doug. Then there's Erin, she's been showing signs for quite a while (the signs are less easy to pinpoint with her though - no damn permalinks!) but had an acute attack recently. Last night, I found out that Zilla is also a sufferer. Even Ang, yes, even Ang has it, and brags that she exposes her son to it daily. Laurie has it, it runs in her family, and her area is very supportive.

It's sweeping the nation, and I'm having a relapse. It's not pretty when I get it, and there will inevitably be death, but for me, being in such close proximity to Scott means that I too have been exposed. I resist it, write about it even, but find evidence of it in even the smallest of things.

But eventually the urge becomes irresistible. Sparked by some stimulus (Thanks again Zilla) I become overwhelmed by the need. And so, this weekend I will indulge myself, I will binge. There will be fountains and a waterfall. There will be cupcakes and supernovas and memories, and I'll be happy, and I'll cry, and it will be good.


  1. Yay! Erin is coming to the dark side- or the green side!

    What beautiful choices you've made for your garden. I can't wait to see the pictures.

    And don't worry about the addiction thing, we make a pretty good support group. :)

  2. In truth, I've been afflicted for years, but despite my love for all things budding and blooming, I've never managed to overcome my black thumb. I shy away from doing much gardening myself because I usually end up with a plot of dead sticks, and Scott rarely wants to come home and do garden maintenance after doing it for everyone else all day.

    We've got a flower garden off the back porch, a pretty good sized one actually. We put it in 3 years ago, but due to neglect, and my retardation, it isn't exactly established, it limps along through spring and summer.
    Tha Cana Lilies are my favorite though. Beautiful, bright yellow, and reqire almost no maintenance. :)

  3. Ya know, your titles for your post don't show on the post. I had to go to bloglines to see what your husband had a case of...

  4. lol, we've all got a case of the gardening bug.

    I know my titles don't show. I've been considering going in and adding the code back in, but I doubt I'll do it. Laziness, I've got a case of that too. ;)

  5. hey, I got some penicillian and am doing fine! Any chance you can come up here and get ours done?

  6. Now if I can just survive the bacterial wilt, I should be okay...

    I've found gardening to be healing - I bet you will too. And there's nothing like yanking weeds when you're angry!