Thursday, May 4, 2006

Time Warner - Assholes

OK, we have the 3-way package through Time Warner Cable... Digital Cable, Road Runner and Digital Phone. Digital Cable comes with an assload of channels, but there are only a few that have anything on at this time of night that Terra would watch. There's PBS Kids (202) and Boomerang (190) and Terra used to watch them in the evenings. Now, she can't watch them, because they're suddenly in Spanish. I don't care if they have 100 channels in Spanish, but those channels weren't in Spanish when I ordered the package, I now have fewer channels (and if you've ever had a 2 yr old, you'll understand when I say that these 2 channels are indispensable) and my bill sure as hell isn't going to go down. The cable company needs to add Spanish channels if they want to have Spanish-language channels.

Plus I now have 2 channels that have no sound at all, what the hell? I was hoping that these issues were temporary, or some sort of glitch or something, but it's been this way for a couple of weeks now. So I guess it's time to call Time Warner. I am not at all freakin' happy.


  1. Is that bottle of rum still in your fridge?

  2. oh, kidding. That really sucks. Hope everything gets settled *hug*

  3. They cancelled J's favorite channel here cmopletely. I know that my son is special in the caft that he's bi lingual anyway, but go ahead and let her watch it in spanish if it doesn't give you a huge headache. I mean, it's good to immerse them in a different language anyway, and doing so through some of her favorite characters can't be a bad thing.

    That's my mommy zen advice for the day. Feel free to tell me to shove it. :)

  4. Actually Ang~ she does watch it in Spanish, but due to the fact that she can't understand it, she gets pissed off at it. She only understands the words that she's learned on Dora and Sesame Street lol. But, she loves Clifford the Big Red Dog so much that she'd rather watch it in Spanish than miss it entirely.

    Clifford, el perro gigante! (why isn't he red in Spanish? I know, cuz perro gigante rojo doesn't fit the music...)

    So how's things at Barnhenge anyway? Do L&D kick as much ass in person as they do online? Yeah, more huh? I'm SO jealous! Glad you finally made it there, kiss the chickens for me ;)

  5. Um, please stop encouraging her to kiss our chickens, or I will have to start kissing all the chickens good night every night, and I am scared I might end up with bird flu from them. Plus, some of them try to slip me tongue...who knew chickens had tongues?

  6. hey D.. that just means that the chicks love ya! ;)