Tuesday, May 9, 2006

A day in the life

So you're all aware of my predilection toward eBay, particularly around Christmastime? Well, I've decided I'm rather fond of Cafepress too.

Since Scott hasn't yet legally registered a business name for his lawn maintenance company, he decided to change it from Sunshine Lawn Care, to Nova Lawn Care (as you can see from the new advertisement I've posted in the sidebar.)

I created a logo, and visited cafepress to make a couple of shirts and a hat for him. They were shipped out today, and if I'm satisfied with the quality, I'll continue to use that as our "uniform supplier." Having them printed locally costs an arm and a leg because they charge an initial set-up fee, and then the per-shirt prices are only do-able if you buy in bulk. As if I can spend a thousand dollars or more to have a hundred shirts!? And what, exactly, would I do with a hundred shirts anyway?

Then I got the announcement that "The Lunar Companion" was available through Lulu.com. Lulu.com does good work, high quality books, with ISBN #'s, and no upfront costs. After the fiasco with my chapbook, I didn't have the mental fortitude to consider any other publications. For a moment however, I considered a Lulu book.

Today, I reconsidered it, briefly. I could probably compile enough of my more recent poetry to create a book. But my poetry is entirely available here, online. My customer base would be my regular readers, and I can't see that a lot of people would be willing to buy a book of poetry they'd already read.

So, I suppose, at least for now, there will be no book by Erin Monahan. Possibly, at a later date, when I've got more energy and motivation, and poetry I haven't already shared with the world, I'll attempt it.

In other news: I don't remember if I blogged about it, but Kassi broke her glasses all to hell while we were vacationing at the beach. She's completely incapable of functioning without them, her vision is just too bad, so we've been managing to keep them together with massive amounts of Super Glue. They're crooked and have repeatedly fallen apart. We scheduled an appointment at a place called America's Best, because they offer two pair of glasses and the eye exam for $69.99. She's destroyed several pairs in the last couple of years, so getting two pair seemed smart. I strongly suggested that Scott ask if he could be seen on a walk-in basis while we were there. He's been wearing the same pair of glasses for several years, and it's become obvious that his vision has worsened.

The problem with going there is that the nearest one is in Rock Hill, SC, approximately forty-five minutes away (a long enough distance that gas was 30 cents cheaper there, thirty cents!) The cool part was that we took the opportunity to listen to the music too loud, drive a little too fast, and act silly. We all got a serious case of the giggles, and probably embarrassed ourselves in public. I didn't notice if people were staring...


  1. Um...do the book. I would definitely buy it. I'm considering going through them as well.

    btw, glad you were able to get a case of the giggles. Who the hell cares that you were silly anyway? If you didn't notice, no one else matters ;-P

  2. Oops! Forgot something. I meant to comment on the new name when I saw it earlier. I like it. Good choice and way to go on the shirts!

  3. Sometimes the best thing in the world to do is just drive and let the music overtake you. What is it that makes us feel so free and uninhibited in the car? It's the only place that I'll even cosider the notion of singing.

    You're a smart mommy to go ahead and get the two pairs of glasses. We didn't do that the last time we got our glasses, instead, we split the two for one deal so that my glasses were free and all I had to do was pay for the exam. Of course, just a few weeks ago J-man tore dad's glasses to shreds.

    Unexpected expenses of any kind suck.

    BTW, I'd buy an Erin book, even if I have read everything in it already. There's something about the tangibility of a book, ya know?


  4. :D Have another Good Day!

  5. au contraire m'dear

    good poetry cannot be read too often.
    I have a book of Leonard Cohen poetry on the back of the toilet I have read well over a hundred times and I still get little surprises from it!

    Seriously there are so many of your poems I truly love and will probably not see or read again as they are lost in the cyber world and I have access to fresh stuff through your blog.

    You owe it to your fans to get that book done! If I could finance it myself I would! Really, yer awesome!