Sunday, May 14, 2006


Sheryl came over today, and she has OLD pictures in her wallet. What a hoot. I scanned these so you guys could see that I didn't always look weary and beaten. (Don't even try to argue with me, I can see how time and life have changed me physically, ok?!)

These are my senior pictures. They were taken the summer before my senior year, the summer of 1988. Eighteen years ago. Pre-motherhood. They're the only pictures I've ever had professionally done that I don't hate.

So this sent me on a goosechase for older pictures of myself. You know, to see just when it happened, if there was a magic moment when my age began to show. I can't find it, but here's another picture:

This is a picture of me in the summer of 2000, only 6 years ago. A few months before I got pregnant with Alexis. Man was I toasted, and obviously feeling a bit uninhibited.

I have a lot more old pics but they're hosted on geocities, and my browsing through the files seems to have overloaded my bandwidth limit over there. I'll do some more tomorrow... I might even embarrass myself ;) I've found some doozies. Long hair, short hair, on my head, sunburnt, afro'ed... whew. But I still look so young in all of them. But the crazy thing is, I could count on one hand the pictures I can find of myself since 2001. There just aren't any. I guess that magic moment of aging happened after that summer...


  1. WOW! look at all that feathered hair!! lol gotta love the 80's!

  2. yup, and look, I'm wearing more mascara than I have eyelashes...

    but the one in black actually shows my eye color, and for some reason that's hard to get in pictures... for my eyes anyway.

  3. Wow, these bring back memories. I graduated high school in 1988.

  4. Um, brought me back. *sigh* I graduated in 88 too. I may have to see if I can get some of those old pics up too. I still think you're freaking cute, so there! Love you. Yes...I AM BACK!

  5. How the hell can all of you guys be so young? Geez, graduating high school in '88?

  6. um.. I started preschool in 88... *runs away as fast as possible!*

  7. I love lookin at your pictures! send some more.... Geez, I can't even tell you what I was doin' in '88. By that time I had already begun to loose my memory...and my figure...and --

  8. Michael & Mary~
    I actually graduated in '89, but by the summer of '89 I was looking,well, I was about to deliver my oldest son, so we'll just say 'different' eh?

    lmao, Eve makes me feel old as hell, and apparently I'm doing the same to you. Sorry.

    lmao, lil bitch! I was feeling pretty good about these pics!

    Yes well, unfortunately, this was just a weekend in Atlanta, a fun filled and alcohol soaked one. My inhibitions came back when I sobered up. I'll have to work on that... note to self: re-lose the inhibitions, regain the figure...

    When I was 15 (as I am in the top pictures) and when I was shitfaced drunk (as I am in the bottom picture) I thought I was cute too ;)

  9. Anonymous12:20 AM

    Just stopping in to wish you a Happy Mother's Day. Our thoughts and prayers are ever constant.

  10. Erin, you certainly were beautiful in those pictures, 80's hair or not. And despite the fact that yes, you do look a bit older and a lot more tired now, I still think you have that same beauty about you. There are certain things that never disappear no matter how time may sag our skin or add bags beneath our eyes. It's the spirit that radiates from those gorgeous eyes, perhaps a bit dulled at time from loss and pain, that is ever constant, that makes you beautiful.

    BTW, looking at your party pics from Atlanta, I can't wait to one day have a few beers with you. :)