Saturday, May 27, 2006

Tarheel Tavern #66

Heard the Word of

Ah, it's been a while since I hosted the Tarheel Tavern. I've been distracted and busy, and completely incapable of doing it lately, but it's good to be doing it again this weekend. Seems the Tavern has been fading a bit, and participation really waned last week (Sorry Ogre) and in an effort to get people interested again, I'm going to scout out a few posts from NC bloggers, even if they didn't send anything in. Don't get used to it folks, not all hosts will do it, so if you want the extra traffic, you should send in an entry! Now, go forth a-clickin'

We'll start with Ogre, since he hosted last week. He's gone fishin' this weekend, but before he left, he humored my obsession with his car by sending me this post about another tiny cute little thing - I hope it's the next thing he buys. I'd pay to see him in it! That's a mental image to giggle about for a while!

Next up is Bora. Bora's been driving something a bit bigger than Ogre's car, he's been zooming around the blogosphere in The Magic School Bus, looking for all things educational and scientific. He gave me a collection of posts to choose from, and since I do know who Paul Sereno is, I chose this one.

Since I've somehow managed to create a locomotive theme here, our next stop will be with my favorite Outspoken Cyclist, David Barron. He sent in an article about a new pedestrian bridge in Durham. However, I'd really like to include this post he's made there titled "an inconvenient truth" because we need to stop fooling ourselves, and because uncomfortable facts have been so prevalent in my life lately that I thought I'd share some more :)

Speaking of discomforting thoughts, we're off now to visit with Sara, who apparently went on a coffee binge at 2 in the morning and did some deep thinking. Death is an unlikely post-title to find on a blog titled Clothed in Joy, but it's an interesting stream of consciousness post, and leaves you likely to do some 2am thinking of your own.

Though AE at Arse Poetica made some annotations concerning the dead as well, her post is very much about something live and growing. She posts her thoughts, and some beautiful pictures of Chatwood Garden in Historic Hillsborough, NC.

Laurie of ...Slowly She Turned also shares pictures of gardening. Laurie happens to be, by far, the most environmentally conscious people I've ever heard of, going through quite a lot of extra time and effort to stay true to her green ideals. Take her container garden for instance.

Ron at 2 Sides 2 Ron has also posted photographs of his garden. I want everyone to know how insanely jealous I am of his flowers, because they appear to be magical. I don't ever remember reading posts about toiling under the hot sun, pulling weeds and tilling soil. I don't recall ever reading mention of yards of mulch, fertilizer... None of that just picture after picture of beautiful flowering plants, vines, and bushes. I've got to get his secret...

Screwy Hoolie waxed political. He's posted a poll regarding the Schuler/Taylor race. I can't say I'm very interested in politics, but the picture he posted near the end is reason enough to visit him and read. What is that thing!? Creepiest evil-weasel I've ever seen!

Jude of Iddybud took the holiday weekend as an opportunity to touch on her Memorial Day tradition of singing Battle Hymn of the Republic, she also discusses the inspiration for the song's creation, and how those truths no longer seem to apply to present political times.

I'd also like to point out Billy and the Memorial Day post he made, which sums up my personal views on the war, and our troops.

And while we're being political, David Inman at 1492 shares his opinion about the recent FBI raid on William Jefferson' office. It goes to show you that political figures probably shouldn't keep skeletons in their closets.

Waterfall has skeletons at A Sort of Notebook too, but she's not keeping them secret. She's showing them to the world, and you should have a look too.

For me this year, Memorial Day weekend included an attempt to have some fun. There was Food Lion's Speed Street, a local celebration that happens in conjunction with the Coca-Cola 600. I've already posted about the experience here. I am not the only one who made similar observations, and so I'm linking to Protected Virtual Void's humorous account of the festivities.

So there you have it, The thirteen entries of The Tarheel Tavern Volume 2, Issue 14, better known as the Memorial Day Weekend Issue, or TTHT #66. Hope you've enjoyed it, and I hope you've enjoyed it enough to consider hosting it sometime soon. Next week you can find it at Anonymoses, who asks you this week, does your life grow corn? (Sorry, I just couldn't leave it with 13 posts!)

After next week, the host schedule is wide open, so please volunteer to host!


  1. Thanks for hosting, Erin. I've got some reading to do.

  2. Oooo.. Good job scouring, Erin! Glad to have you back at the Tavern.

  3. Among all your other things you're doing, thanks for posting the plagiarism banner. Other than on my site, it's the first one I've seen up anywhere despite my letters, bulletins and wearing tattered rags and begging;-)

  4. Very nice, thank you for hosting again!

  5. Why, thank you, Erin. Sorry I've fallen away from the Tavern lately (as I have half a dozen other ventures deserving of more attention). Maybe once I get back from vacation at the end of June I'll be able to catch my breath again. That's the plan, anyway!

  6. Hey Erin!

    The secret is only taking pictures that don't show the bare dirt and the weeds! Boy have I got chores to do!