Saturday, May 13, 2006


Mother's Day is tomorrow. Don't send me cards, k? thanks.

Kassi's glasses came in today, but not Scott's. That means we went to Rock Hill again today, and we'll have to go back on Monday (or whenever) when his come in. Kassi just couldn't wait for hers, they were falling apart, literally. The new ones are cute, I like them a lot. She's just thrilled to have two pair, two different styles. It's like some sort of fashion miracle or something, like one pair will match certain outfits better than the other... I dunno how she got so girly.

She and I spent most of the day playing god.

Seriously, we created the solar system for a class project. She did the basic research (size and order of the planets) last night, and we went to get the supplies. Now we're covered with paint, and the mess took over my kitchen, spilled out into the yard, colored my grass... Lots of fun. Then she did more research. It isn't due until Friday but she wants to get it done by Monday. All that's left is to figure out the logistics of adding the astroid belt, and the final copies of her index cards.

It's huge. We'll have to take her to school the day she turns it in. She couldn't do it the easy way... It's like a diorama, only fully enclosed with peep holes - the sun lights up and illuminates her galaxy... She has good (grand) ideas, and it came out pretty well, but I'm telling you, it's as big as she is. OK not quite, but damn well close enough.

Maybe I'll get off my ass and take some pics of it. Like I said, it isn't quite done, but close. I need to get the last of the pics off the digital camera anyway. It pretty well died. Flash stopped working, it won't work outside. We bought it for taking pics of Nova, it quit working totally a couple of days after he died. Guess it was just for taking pics of Nova.

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