Tuesday, May 23, 2006


It's 3:15 and I'm still up - and I have to be in Charlotte at 8:15! (Why do they need me there 45 minutes before my appointment anyway?) I can't help it, sleep is an impossible goal right now. I'm a busy woman! OK, OK, I know you guys know that I hardly leave my house, but lately, I'm mentally busy, and have committed myself to several projects of the online variety.

My list of Financial Aid Resources has grown considerably (Thanks Miss V!) and I'm up to 27 states, and 43 hospitals. I'm not far from halfway there! Plus there are a few links that aren't hospital based too, which is even cooler.

And now, now I'm cooking up a new plan for a new project that will probably overwhelm the piss out of me, but I'm really excited about it anyway. And, it's a good thing from several different perspectives, and stands to benefit several people and/or organizations. My mind is working over-time on it. There are lots of ideas with no sort of solidity yet, but my mind is working.

I've become some sort of CHD freak lately, an awareness warrior or some shit. I can't help it, for all the depression and lethargy that Alexis' death left me with, Nova's has filled me with a purpose, a fire. I'll either quench it, or wear myself completely out trying. We shall see.

So anyway, as for the Financial Aid list, there are already several people waiting for me to finish it. Several popular CHD sites, a couple of charity organizations, and even a few hospitals. I'm stoked that other people agree that it's a list that needs to be made and distributed, especially since some of them are in such "high" places. I realize it's been time and labor intensive (OK, web searches, email messages, and telephone calls aren't exactly labor but you get my drift) but it's so worth every minute.

Now, 3:30 am, perfect time for a shower and fresh coffee! See ya.


  1. Erin, I am so glad that you're doing this! There are so many families out there that will benefit from your hard work. Imagine how many children will get a second chance, simply because you took the time to do this, and all in Alexis and Nova's names.

    And yeah, my sleep patterns have been off lately, too. Sometimes when you have big ideas tossing around in your head it's hard to tell them to shut up long enough to sleep.

    Hope that your appointment today reveals nothing new. I mean, I guess I could see the appeal of finding a genetic problem, simply to have something to point a finger at, but I don't want to think about the effect it would have on future Monahan clans.

    Love you, as always.

  2. Uh-huh...I'm right there with ya on the sleep and too much going on thingy. I think it's just something in the air.

    It's good that you're keeping busy and you're working for a great cause. I'll be thinking of you as my world spins crazily out of control with yours. *hug* love you!