Tuesday, May 9, 2006


After considerable time, it's finally here! Our(Moontown Cafe's) first book, The Lunar
Companion, is available for sale to the public.

The book is a compilation of poetry and prose, including wonderful
works by various poets from around the world. Among the more than fifty
contributing poets are Melanie Marie Hallbeck, Melissa Rees, Shalome,
Erin Monahan, Nancy Wilcox, Terri Russell, Kenneth Lindelli, Vickie
Knight, Christine Brehan, Michael S Queen, DL Mullan, Celia Sadlou,
Gregory Burgess, Marilyn Dixon Pfanstiel, Pam Calhoun, James Watkins,
Evan Fuller, Tamela Rufener, Jonathan J Ames, Janie Marie Hubbel, Jeff
Friday, Maynard Hartman, Jerlean S. Noble, Kethry, Pushpa Ratna
Tuladhar, Amber Logan, Jennifer Mirles, Sharon Gilham, Douglas L
Seavey, Rick Parrish, Joe McManus, Jim Bonning, Mary Molina, Kelsey
Treusdell, Erica Jean Keating, Xristi Megas, Don Schaeffer, Michael
Queen, John Protent, Kayleigh Banks, Jonathan Neihart, Chelsea Meacham,
Chelsea Bowling, Yolanda Cruz, Martin Dansky, Mez Cossey and Laura

It's currently available for sale here:

I've got two pieces included in this book, but I'm more excited about all the other poets who are included in it. This is the culmination of the creative efforts of many members of my virtual family, and the hard work of the Moontown Cafe owners.

I ordered a copy tonight. Hope some of you do as well!


  1. :-) I bought mine this morning! lol

  2. Wow! They finally did it, eh? Good job! That sucker's been in the works for a very, very, very long time.

    I might not hang around much at MTC anymore, but I love those guys, and I'm sure the poetry within those pages is top notch.