Wednesday, May 3, 2006


My computer crashed this morning. It started acting funny yesterday evening so I decided to do a virus scan, an ad/spy ware scan, a scan disk, defrag... all that lovely techie shit that I have done every Monday night since eternity, only with recent events, I haven't been keeping up with quite so faithfully.

Well, whatever bug I had rebelled against my attempts, and in the uprising, it ate my registry files. Now, when I power up, I just get the DOS screen that tells me I need to start in safe mode, only, it won't start in safe mode, because it wants to install new hardware... I haven't installed anything, hard -or soft- ware, at all, in many months. Of course, it can't install whatever hardware it is, because there isn't any, so I'm left staring at a grey screen that says "safe mode" in each corner.

That, of course, means that I'm on my husband's computer right now, and that I've lost an assload of information, passwords, important emails... I can't even log into my bank account now.

I don't want to hear a word, about backing everything up... I KNOW I should have backed it all up, but like I said, I haven't exactly been thinking about things like that lately.

And we bought the damn thing used, and it didn't come with a restore disc. Doesn't matter though, even if it did, it won't go far enough into the startup process to read it, even if we had one.

And that isn't enough? I lost my Paypal card somewhere... There's only $7 on it, but now I have to report it lost and wait for a replacement card.

The Social Security Administration has run me in circles all damn morning about the kids getting benefits due to their father's disability. Seems they have put the claim on hold because they need paperwork from me that they told me I wouldn't need - only, of the 3 people involved in the case, none of them thought to call/write to let me know they needed said paperwork. Hell, I've been calling the one SSA worker for 3 weeks and leaving messages, and she wouldn't even return my calls. Now I've gone from dealing with one woman in Charlotte, to having to deal with several people in 2 different states, AND having to include my child support worker - none of whom will call me back.

There's a bottle of rum in my fridge that looks really good right now, and I don't care that I rarely drink, or that it's only 11 am.


  1. Grr...I'm frustrated for you. :-/
    Sorry, honey. Will a hug help? Here's one, just in case *BIG MARY HUG* I love you. Hang in there. I've been having some "moments" too. *smooches*

  2. lol, *hug* Mary. I'm sort of sick of "moments" -I really want to throw a tantrum right about now.

    If it wasn't such an absurd bunch of shit, I swear I'd cry - but all I can manage is laughter, which is better, right?

    Ugh. I have to go to ALL those sites and request my login info, again... I just did all of this when Scott bought the pc a few months ago. Thank God most of the sites are automated, or a whole lot of people would realize what an idiot I am!

  3. Drink that shit.

    I'm bad. Don't listen to me.

    Do it! Do it!

  4. Arrg! E, I'd gladly come on over and have a drink with you. The whole world seems to work in circles these days- regardless of what business you're trying to accomplish.

    Sorry about the computer. I know that one day I'll walk in and find mine staring at me with the blue screen of doom. We're terrible about virus scans and stuff. And yeah, I know all about the backup thing. If mine crashed right now I'd probably lose J's entire childhood of photos.

    Hope that at least something goes well for you today. That's all the optimism I have left in me. That and some big hugs.

    Love you.

  5. LOL....omg. I'm sick of those moments too. Laughter is definitely better for sure! It works the abs :-D Tantrums work just as well sometimes too! Hell...rolling around on the floor kicking and screaming'll get you a full-body workout. LMAO

    Alrighty then, I'm gonna go hit the gym. Don't you go hittin' that bottle. You won't be able to remember all this sites you have to go to if you do!!

    *bad, James. BAD* hahaha!

  6. lmao James. If the old man was around to watch terra, I'd already be passed out drunk ;)

    Ang, um... you are MORE than welcome to come visit and have a drink, but, can you get here? g'damn fire :|

    So, um... if I take the 10 sledge hammer to the tower, can I come back and say I did 'crunches' - or is that considered 'pumping iron?'

  7. Krisstanamus1:35 PM

    LMAO-not at what you are going through, but at the fact that you can laugh through it.
    I gots a big ol bottle of Vodka with my name on it...waiting until this big ol boy is born....That God willing will come any time now....
    Hang in there hun, It cant rain all the time.

  8. um...E, I think you'd get two for the price of one! :-P