Monday, May 22, 2006

2 o'clock infinity

In this moment, we were infinite

Aside from the obvious tense shift that makes my teeth grit involuntarily, this line makes my toes curl a little bit. I love the paradoxical combination of "were" and "infinite." Don't infinite things remain infinite, by definition? I love the sense of nostalgic sadness in the line, and the way it contrasts with the mood of the picture. It's evocative, without sappy sentimentality. Solid, yet it refers to something completely intangible. The language isn't empty so to speak, but the message is. Brevity at it's finest, poetry at it's purest. Mmm hmmm. Yup. At least, that's how it strikes me at 2am.


I've been told long and often about Ani DiFranco and the wonderful qualities of her music. I remember a conversation years ago in MTC chat, about music and various artists, during which she was recommended. I listened to some stuff (remember when Napster was free? and when Kazaa didn't fry your hard drive?) Anyway, I listened, I liked, I forgot. I do that, shit shuffles off the back edge of my brain at an alarming rate. Mostly, I remember thinking, "She's hot, very hot, even bald.

Over the years, people have burnt CDs of her for me, ranted and raved about how awesome she is. Well, tonight I downloaded about 10 of her songs, since someone mentioned her again last night. Maybe I downloaded the wrong songs or something, but I'm just not all that impressed.

So, I've moved on (back) to Alanis. And yep, I've got pics of her too. I was actually compared to her, a lot, when I was a little younger.


  1. Ani lost me after Little Plastic Castle. I won't claim that these things are connected, but my understanding and intification with her music and lyrics ended when she got married. Something changed around that time. *shrugs*

    In my humble opinion, Little Plastic Castle and Living in Clip are still two of the best albums I own and staple items to any well-rounded music collection.

  2. Krisstanamus3:05 PM

    Mmmm, Yes....Agreed