Friday, July 30, 2010

I think I feel too much...

When I start a new job (as a waitress, that happens fairly frequently, it isn't exactly a career known for longevity) I know within a week whether I love it or not. If I don't, frankly, I move on - life is too short to work at a place where I'm miserable - there are tables in every restaurant, and I can find a restaurant where I can be happy. With that said, once I find a place, I tend to be a long timer. I take pleasure in my job, as crazy as that may sound. I also take pride in it. I am a loyal conscientious employee and I work at places where I can CARE about my job, my customers, and my co-workers. And I'm not afraid to tell you, I'm good at what I do. Damn good. As in, I run circles around my co-workers.

I am also happy to help them, I'll get drinks, help carry their food out, whatever they need. And at the end of the night, I'm usually the last one to leave because I do a run through and make sure everything is done. I tend to get the reputation as the one to call when ever a shift needs to be covered too. Oh, someone called out last minute? Call Erin, she'll come in with no notice! And don't take this all the wrong way either - I do all of this without resentment or expectation of special treatment.

But god damn, ya know, EQUAL treatment would be nice. Why do the catty bitches who don't help anyone, call out all the time, and want to leave early (without doing their sidework) get fucking special treatment????

Well, after being a waitress for 18 years, after always having the same work ethic, I learned a lesson tonight:

the lazy, ill-tempered, entitled people get special treatment while those of us that bust our fucking asses get the shit end of the stick. I need to do my job, only my job, stop being nice, helpful, conscientious, loyal, friendly, and for gods sake, STOP CARING.

I'm sick of being taken advantage of, taken for granted, and being treated like I am less-than. Fuck that. 10 months on this job, and yep, the bitches have managed to break me.

Thursday, July 29, 2010

should this become my workout blog?

So I've joined the gym. Yeah, I know, it sounds ridiculous, but it isn't a joke, so stop laughing, OK? Really, stop now.

I have been overly thin all my life. I weighed 98 pounds (unless I was pregnant) until 2005. Recently I've been up to a whopping 112-114. Trust me, I am not upset about the gain, I'm upset about how that 15 pounds landed.

We went to the beach in June, I wore, as usual, a bikini. Why not!? I only weigh 114! We had just gotten a Cannon Rebel XTi and some cool lenses, so there were a LOT of pictures taken of this particular beach trip. Several of those pictures (well, it seemed like several hundred of those pictures) were of me, in a bikini. You just can't deny the truth when you're faced with pictures... hi-res digital images of the rounded-shoulders, the soft, mushy body, the sagging rump... the body of a *gasp* nearly 40 year old woman who has never worked out, eaten well, or thought much about health in general.

The lightbulb came on: Oh my god, I don't LOOK on the outside like I feel (like a 25 yr old) on the INSIDE.

Meanwhile, Scott has been complaining about wanting to join a gym, lose some weight, and get in shape. Sadly, the way we work, going to a gym during any normal hours is simply not an option. Then we found Snap Fitness. Open 24/7, you get a keycard and can go any time you want. BINGO!

We joined this past Saturday, for opposite reasons really. I need to gain weight, tone up, add muscle mass, and strengthen my core. Scott wants to lose weight and get more fit. But we go together now, 7 days a week, and cheer each other on, hold each other accountable, and yeah, he's teaching me wtf I'm doing on all these machines. But we're loving it - I never expected to love it (he's always loved working out, me... yeah, too much like work I thought).

So in 4 days, he's lost 2 pounds, and I found them! I've gained 2 pounds of muscle ALREADY!? Awesomeness. Didn't expect such immediate results! Score one for instant gratification! And I feeel gooood! Well, now that the soreness is subsiding...