Thursday, July 29, 2010

should this become my workout blog?

So I've joined the gym. Yeah, I know, it sounds ridiculous, but it isn't a joke, so stop laughing, OK? Really, stop now.

I have been overly thin all my life. I weighed 98 pounds (unless I was pregnant) until 2005. Recently I've been up to a whopping 112-114. Trust me, I am not upset about the gain, I'm upset about how that 15 pounds landed.

We went to the beach in June, I wore, as usual, a bikini. Why not!? I only weigh 114! We had just gotten a Cannon Rebel XTi and some cool lenses, so there were a LOT of pictures taken of this particular beach trip. Several of those pictures (well, it seemed like several hundred of those pictures) were of me, in a bikini. You just can't deny the truth when you're faced with pictures... hi-res digital images of the rounded-shoulders, the soft, mushy body, the sagging rump... the body of a *gasp* nearly 40 year old woman who has never worked out, eaten well, or thought much about health in general.

The lightbulb came on: Oh my god, I don't LOOK on the outside like I feel (like a 25 yr old) on the INSIDE.

Meanwhile, Scott has been complaining about wanting to join a gym, lose some weight, and get in shape. Sadly, the way we work, going to a gym during any normal hours is simply not an option. Then we found Snap Fitness. Open 24/7, you get a keycard and can go any time you want. BINGO!

We joined this past Saturday, for opposite reasons really. I need to gain weight, tone up, add muscle mass, and strengthen my core. Scott wants to lose weight and get more fit. But we go together now, 7 days a week, and cheer each other on, hold each other accountable, and yeah, he's teaching me wtf I'm doing on all these machines. But we're loving it - I never expected to love it (he's always loved working out, me... yeah, too much like work I thought).

So in 4 days, he's lost 2 pounds, and I found them! I've gained 2 pounds of muscle ALREADY!? Awesomeness. Didn't expect such immediate results! Score one for instant gratification! And I feeel gooood! Well, now that the soreness is subsiding...

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