Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Yup, it's one of those days - you know the type: where you let the day get away from you without actually doing any of those things you aspired to do when you opened your eyes upon waking. I'm having more and more of them lately. I work so damned much that when I get a day off (or like today, when I only work one shift instead of all day) I just don't have it in me to DO anything. Sure the weekend at the beach was great, but it was seriously just too short. And anyone with kids knows vacations are more stress than relaxation when you have the kids with you, full of excitement, wanting to do everything, and end up over-tired and out of their own element in a strange bed...

Yeah, I think somehow I'm bitching that I have just returned from vacation, and half a half day off today. Man, only me.

LOL, think I'll go clean the kitchen now.

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