Thursday, May 27, 2010

whiney much?

I have a headache, and heartburn. I need a day off OTHER THAN Sundays (we're closed Sundays so I get that day off) because one day is NOT enough time to clean house, do grocery shopping, any errands that need to be done, spend time with the family AND actually relax for a change. There are too damn many people/animals dependent on me, there are too damn many people in my house - most of which don't clean up after themselves or contribute a fucking thing into the household, financially or physically. My husband and I work constantly, and not only do we have little or nothing to show for it, we never get to spend time together, and we're both totally stressed out and MISERABLE.

The worst part is knowing that *I RAISED THESE KIDS* how did they turn out like this? Immature, irresponsible, lazy, and entitled. WTF?


  1. **hugs** I understand, E. You do work ridiculously hard, and deserve to come home to a house that's clean-- or at least no worse than how you left it. You deserve to have the other 'adults' (term used loosely) take some of the work off your plate-- especially if they're not contributing financially to the household. Have you sat down and given them specific expectations? If not, do it! And if it still isn't getting done, send them packing! It wouldn't hurt them to have to learn how to actually earn the things they have in life.

    BTW, I don't think it has anything to do with how you raise them. Perhaps just a new generation gap...

  2. I feel you, woman, although I've gotta say at least one of my girls is looking for a summer job, but ... it's Michigan & the job market sucks.