Sunday, May 14, 2006


Did you know that there was a total solar eclipse this year? I didn't, until tonight. In parts of Africa, Asia and Europe, on March 29th, they were able to view the entire process. I just finished watching a show about it on the Travel Channel. Seems a whole bunch of people traveled half-way around the world to see it. I'd have done it. In a heart beat. You know, if I'd have realized there was a total solar eclipse, and if I'd had the money, and if I hadn't been a little pre-occupied with Nova at the time. yeah, I'd have done it.

You can watch it here (3 min. 25 sec.) Yup, I'd have gone.

There's another coming, Friday, August 1, 2008. Looks like the best place to view it is in Mongolia. In case you want to start planning your trip...

As I was watching the TV, I kept seeing flashes outside. The way my couch sits in relationship to the window, and the angle the house sits in relationship to the road, sometimes the headlights of cars out there shine in and I figured that's what it was. Figured that, that is, until I heard the rumbling. Looks like it's trying to kick up a storm outside. I'd like to say that it woke me up. Unfortunately, I'm not sleeping - not that that's unusual - besides, it isn't even raining yet, just a little bit of rumbling and the ocassional flash of lightning. I doubt this will work itself up into anything loud and violent enough to have woken me up anyway.

Now if the damn dog would just shut up with the barking. Damn.

***Correction: the movie lasts 3 HOURS and 25 minutes (thnx Sheryl!) Fast forward to about the 58 minute mark - that's where the eclipse actually begins.

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