Wednesday, May 17, 2006

No Lucky Charms

With 5 kids you'd think our cupboards would be full of sugary things. They aren't. There are fiber-filled o's and flakes with raisins, Crispix, Mueslix and such.

Sure, we wake up some days, hoping for something sweet: gooey chocolate, peanut butter balls, pretty pastel marshmallows.

But they all turn to mush once they're wet. Cocoa Pebbles get slimy, Marshmallow Stars melt and smear away, pale, like watercolors, leaving just sticky rainbow residue.

No. We have no Lucky Charms.

It's wiser to wake to something more substantial, more practical, like the unsweetened little baskets of Life.


  1. :-) Ours are the same, unless I get a yen, then it's over! lol Actually, Juan is the worst. He loves ice cream and twinkies, but even those goodies don't make it home very often. I'm with you on the unsweetened little basket of life, pits and all!!!

  2. Ok, so I'm bored, and I did the face recognition thing... on you. Using that professional pic where you were in the black dress.. LOL. I'm not gonna post the results here, cause you might not want me to. But if you really want a laugh, you should go see for yourself! Mary's next!!

  3. OK, among others it said I look like:
    Ninet Tayeb, Hilary Swank, Reese Witherspoon, Adriana Lima, Liv Tyler?!

    Damn I wish.

    It also gave Mick Jagger, which I can totally see, and Billy Corgan, which thank god, I DON'T see...

    My Lord! Adriana Lima... I can't get over that.

  4. LMFAO, I used the picture of me in Atlanta. I'm not even willing to admit most of them (mostly OLD MEN), but, I will admit, happily, that Shakira came up!