Friday, May 5, 2006

Mother's Day

Mother's Day fast approaches. In one way I dread it - for obvious reasons I guess. But there is a side of me that has always enjoyed the holiday, for the opportunity to do something special for my mother. OK, so we don't see eye to eye on a lot of things, but she's done a lot for me. The problem is that my mother is one of those Anything you get me will be perfect Erin! type of people. She doesn't collect anything in particular, or have a lot of interests that would make gift-giving any easier. She's allergic to any metal other than 14k gold, so jewelry tends to be out of my budget, plus, she has a ring for every finger, several necklaces she wears all the time, a few bracelets... a woman can only get jewelry so many times before she runs out of unadorned appendages. So since she refuses to get any body piercings done, jewelry is out of the question.

I always have a hard time shopping for her, and I have never managed to get her anything that felt like the perfect gift. This year, however, I think I've managed to do it. Too bad it took me 33 years to do it.

No way am I telling you yet what it is. My whole family reads this blog, and I don't want it to accidently get leaked, but trust me, I'm probably more excited about it than any of you will be.

Now to figure out what to get Scott's Mom.

(Nearly 2 hours of searching online for the perfect gift for his mom... I've found 1000 things that *I'd* love, and not a clue what to get for her.)


  1. Do you want me to send down some Krimpets? ;)

  2. lmao man did she love those.