Monday, May 15, 2006

Curving (take 2)


"You have seen the swirls
curving round between our secret
in through me, out of you"
~ Duchess, The weather, on Sunday

You were promise, curving
like the round of my belly
as light through crystal,
yellow to green to blue.

You were my secret, spilling
like sand from the bend of my elbow
into the way my hair tickled your face
as I lifted you.

Or was it you that lifted me?

You were hope,
now more than ever beyond grasp,
with a smile too wise to acknowledge death
and recognition in your eyes.

Yes, you were promise
like dew in the boughs of the willow
curving always away.


  1. Thank you Martin for the Epigraph solution. When I read that comment, I damn near smacked myself in the forehead - so simple, so perfect, and me such a total dork for not thinking of it!

  2. James made mention of citation and, if that's what it's called, an epigraph, E, I love it. It works in this piece. I've read the last few days and can only say I see your point about credit and blame and I personally don't think you've changed all that much from the various stuff you've posted, of yourself, picture-wise here. Hubba, hubba. :-)

    Hugs, peace and love!


  3. Duh!

    No body listens when I talk. That fucking arrogant ass James is talking again, Can someone shut him up?

    By the way, the poem is great and you, you I love. But you knew that.

    ~ James

  4. erf, Mikey's right, you did say it... apparently it just didn't sink in James. Sorry. My heads a little harder to bore into lately. I love you too, and don't you dare ever shut up. Unless I tell you to, then you have to. But I would never... so yeah, don't shut up ;)


  5. *in a mindless voice that could only be male: oh kay.

  6. ahh...I see and so much more clearly. This is beautiful, Erin....