Tuesday, May 16, 2006

just had a thought

Just had a thought concerning my present (and ever more predominant) mindset...

The force is not with me. I have joined the dark side.

Yeah OK, not the dark side exactly, but sure as hell the hateful side, at least for the night. I think I'm going to go soak in a bubbly-tub and see if I can find that sweet lil Erin y'all all know and love.

Or, hey, I know! Maybe she's hiding in the bottom of the rum bottle. Worth a shot.

A shot, get it? haha shit I slay me.


  1. Finding solace in a bottle occasionally is a perfectly valid thing to do. However, I can name five good reasons why it should not be your method of choice.

    And don't worry about being sweet and loving right now. Friends don't expect masks.

  2. Sometimes, in darkness, we find solace....man, so much to tell. Ang is right, ya know. We love and support you no matter how you feel.

  3. :-)

    Nope, bother it, I'm still stuck for anything to say that sounds like there are two brain cells behind it.

    From from your friendly lurker...