Tuesday, May 2, 2006

Draw a Pig

Heh, funny, and sort of mostly accurate, except that naive thing... I've been through too much shit to be naive. Click the graphic to try it yourself.


  1. That's no fair! I only drew the face, AND forgot the ears... apparently I'm a realist, am direct, I am naive, don't listen, am living through a period of major change, and have no sex life.

    Well, maybe that's the truth, eh?

  2. ok, can you be a realist and be naive at the same time? I dunno... but the last two... well, actually, they fit eh?

  3. Howdy Erin,
    Stopping by to invite you to submit your blog’s RSS feed to Poets101.com. Later --Billy The Blogging Poet BloggingPoet.com

  4. This was good for a couple a minutes fun! I sent it to several of my favorite people ....