Sunday, May 14, 2006


Nope, no pics of the solar system. The camera just won't take pictures of anything other than perfectly lit, perfectly still subjects. I did download all the pictures off of it though - the last pictures of Nova were on it. I didn't want to lose them if it decided to stop coming on or something. It's bad enough that I lost the ones I did when my pc crashed. Most of them were on the blog, but there were many that weren't. I'm holding on to the hard drive, in case I find someone who can retrieve them for me.

It was hard to look at those pictures on the digital. Things get so hazy so quickly though, they fade, so I'm glad I have them. I posted a couple on his blog, after wrestling with the idea a while. Part of me wants to keep them all to myself. They are evidence of one of the most personal and intimate moments of my life. But I've shared everything else with no reservations, I decided I should do the same with those. Most of them anyway.

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