Friday, February 24, 2006

weird afterthought mix

Weird mix of afterthoughts:

1. Nova is no longer paralyzed because they were giving him meds orally that weren't being properly absorbed because his muscles were paralyzed - including his stomach muscle (am I the only one who went, "Um, DUH!") but he's still so zooted on morphine that he isn't moving at all.

2. They're considering closing the breastbone on Tuesday-ish, but that depends on whether they can get the swelling down by then, they won't do it if he's still so swollen.

3. All my blog layout images are hosted on, and their servers are down, so, there's nothing but this ugly pink. Nice eh? *gag*


  1. I was actually going to say he looks less swollen today than before, but maybe it is just that picture... or my eyes. Get some rest hon, and keep us updated. Love ya!

  2. It's good to be able to "LOOK" at him. No matter what condition he may look like, you're looking at him. Now, try to close your eyes even if it only means your pretending to sleep. You have lots of people praying for him, sweetie. I'll be checking in on you.

  3. heh...did you see how I spelled "you're" up there? Oy! I think I'm the one that needs sleep.

  4. Jeez, reading all this, tears were sliding down my face.
    I have no advice that is worth giving, but you and Nova are still in my thoughts and I just pray (and girl I do not pray) that he is better soon and all of this fades away for your family.