Wednesday, February 22, 2006

3am Tuesday morning

This is right before we left for the hospital. He'd had his last bottle at 1am and couldn't have any more before we left, so I packed him into his snowsuit and put him to sleep in the carseat so we souldn't have to wake him up again when we left at 4.

Have you ever seen those infaltable sumo wrester suit things that people wear as Halloween costumes? That's what this snowsuit reminds me of - and that's what we call it, his sumo suit. It's super thick and warm, and he sleeps like a cham while he's in it, for hours if you don't fiddle with him.

Yes, I put him in THAT suit BECAUSE it makes him sleep :) I just couldn't face him getting woken up hours before surgery and screaming for a bottle for an extended period of time. I was a basket case as it was, if he cried, I was going to lose it lol.

Pardon the other baby stuff and Terra's stroller (the pink thing to the right there) I had set him to the side of the room so I wouldn't have to trip over him in the dark as I packed diaper bags and stuff, which means basically, he was pretty much in Terra's toy box/play area.

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