Friday, February 24, 2006

a few pictures

This is the front entrance - a lighted fountain that is really beautiful and my photography skills do it no justice.

so much more swollen today - he's harder to look at today. I don't think you can possibly prepare yourself for how bad a baby can look. The nurses say it's pretty much par for the course, but it's scarey.

I had Scotty take this picture so you got a better idea of all the wires and meds and monitors. See the blue glowy screens on the right side of the picture? Those are medication dispensers - 4 meds in the top one (epinephrine, amiodorone, milidone or something like that, and one more that I KNOW the damn name of and can't think of it right now) and 3 in the bottom one, only I can't even begin to remember all the names of those - it's taken me this long to remember those top ones!) There's another set up just like this right behind my head that you can't see - 3 more meds in it, including the paralyzing agent. OK, above Nova's head is his bear, above the bear's head is ANOTHER medication dispenser. He also gets 2 more medications - viagra once every 4 hours, and one that is given orally.

Also above my head is another medication in a glass bottle, and behind that (you can barely see it) is one of his monitors- there's a total of 3. Plus to the right (out of the picture) is his ventilator, which is a huge machine with its own monitor and network of tubes and things.
And you can also see that there's a picture of Nova hanging up... All the nurses think he's adorable and fat and chunky and cute (they're used to thin sickly looking babies) and they wanted a picture of what he looks like on a normal basis.


  1. Willing you all of the strenght I have left.

  2. E, He does look remarkably more swollen in this picture. I guess it's a week of cliches because all I can come up with for it is "It has to get worse before it gets better."

    Even swollen and swimming in a sea of modern medicine, it's a sight I'm happy to see. Yay Nova! 48 hours is a huge hurdle, and SHOULD be celebrated. And I have a feeling that you'll be celebrating him in 12 hour increments for the rest of his life. Every time you look at him, you'll see a little miracle.

    My love to you all this morning. Don't forget to get some rest yourself. You've got to be about ready to collapse!

  3. *hug* to you both.

  4. Oh Erin, I had no idea you were going through this! I'm speechless. Can't imagine the ups and downs you must be going through. Just know, you and your little one will be in my thoughts and pray often in the days ahead.

  5. E, my heart is breaking for the little guy. Call it to my estrogen in my testosterone reserve, or what you will - but here, on this trading floor, in this massive marketplace where they'd sooner step over you than call you a paramedic and keep right on trading I am, as Mary, after the longest short week I can ever remember (for us all, looks like) generating as much positive energy that I can scrape together for yas all. Hugs to you all and health, peace and strength to Donovan.