Wednesday, February 8, 2006

More crap

If you never listen to another word I say, if you never take another bit of advice from me, at least hear this:
Buy Inappropriate Muse.

Ana Lucia is hot when she's wet - as for slippery, well, much to my chagrin, I'll never know.

I hit 20,000 on my stat counter at some point today. Thanks to all of you who continue to read my blather.

I have just finished writing a sort of simplified essay in response to a question that Dorothy from Women's Self-Esteem sent out. The question was: "What do you want from a relationship?" It took me a week to write, tossing out the first 3 or 4 versions because they weren't true. Think about it, what do you really want from your relationship?

I, through the magic of websurfing, found and read an essay on Robert Frost's "After Apple Picking" by JT Best that made me wonder if I'm completely inept at interpreting poetry. I never put a lot of energy into evaluating this piece, but I have to admit that the fact that this guy describes it, with line by line examples, as a sexual metaphor absolutely blew my mind. Once I read his analysis though, there is little doubt left in my mind that there are indeed some deep sexual connotations in the poem in question.

My freakin Dreamweaver won't work, and wouldn't you know it, now that I can't (temporarily) upload or update the page, I'm getting all sorts of emails and things that I need to add. I'd die without my computer, but sometimes I hate it.


  1. Ana-Lucia might be hot, but Michelle Rodriguez is a terrible actress! Sorry! The only emotion she's got is bitchy.


  2. Ah, yeah, you've got a point there - plus apparently she has a drinking/driving problem too. But good lawd she's purty!

  3. It occurs to me, as with most analysis, and after thinking long and hard (no pun intended, ;-)) about the Frost analysis, if I were a literate door-t-door-vacuum cleaner salesman, I could figure out a way to make "After Apple Picking" bend the way I'd like it to. Or into something spiritual or religious. Or whatever, no? But his was definitely a thoughful analysis, nonetheless. Thanks for sharing that page with us.