Wednesday, February 15, 2006

For Eve

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Nova was definitely not in the mood to go out for Valentine's Day dinner last night. That thing on his head is a sticker - a kissy sticker to be exactas a matter of fact, he's still sleeping it off as we speak!Actually he slept longer last night after we got home than he ever has before - a grand total of 7 hours straight! Woo Hoo! I may get to start sleeping again soon after all!Terra, when told that we were going out to eat, had this reaction. I think she might be afraid of Golden Corral. I can't otherwise explain this face! If you look closely and see that strange pale lump there beside her... yes, that's her pig. She's had it since she was about 3 months old - she would die without it. It's all worn out (she chewed its tail right off and has his ass looking pretty damn threadbare now) and we bought her another in an attempt to be rid of said pig. Now, we have 2 pigs, one big and nappy, one small and new - and both of them must be tucked in with her when she goes to bed every night. So much for that plan eh?

I got two notable pieces of mail yesterday. One was a "Valen-Swine" card from Erin - absolutely adorable, and of course, with the aforementioned pig-thing we have going on around here, well worth mentioning! The other, (no picture sorry lol) a letter from the Child Support Enforcement Agency. Apparently my ex-husband has applied for and been approved for Social Security Disability. (I keep wondering if someone finally realized that he's mentally deficient...) Anyway, this disability is apparently the reason that he hasn't paid a damn penny in child support since December '04 - and now that he gets a government check, my oldest 2 kids will now also receive a monthly SS check. No idea how much yet, or if there will be a lump sum due from the time of his application, nor is there any news as to whether they'll be getting any part of the money that he's in arrears for (approx. $16K) What I do know is that they'll be getting more now than what he was paying, and I won't go a year at a time without getting anything.

Someone who isn't retarded like I am, please tell me why my text won't wrap around my pics? It wraps if I don't link the pics to the larger version, but if I link them, it does this silly shit.


  1. Erin, I'm with Terra on the GOlden Corral thing. Ick. :)
    Congrats on your ex's disability and the fact that the kids will finally get at least some of what they deserve.

    Nova is getting so big and handsome! You make beautiful kids, E. Seriously, beautiful!

  2. They're both getting so big!! Awwww!! I've been am emotional wreck these last couple of days. Anytime I think of babies growing up, and older. Makes me wanna cry (got tears in my eyes right now.) I just wanna come over there and squeeze him! Beautiful!!

  3. Ang~
    I'm just hoping that the boys are entitled to a lump sum of back benefits - but according the woman at CSE, he most likely claimed all that for the son he and his new wife have. I mean, that's just the kind of thing he'd do. I suppose I should be happy with whatever they do start getting since it'll be a hell of a lot more than the NOTHING they've been getting. It just pisses me off that he's probably screwed them again.

    I went through that with Terra, crying about her growing so much so fast. I did it until she was nearly 2 years old. People would say, "Awww she's getting so big!" and I'd cry. She'd smile, I'd cry. She sat up, I cried. Yup - it broke my heart to watch her growing up.

  4. If only kids came with a "pause" feature! Jonas is at an age right now where I'm enjoying every single humor-filled moment. I cried at each stage that already passed, but I really love where he's at right now. And I'm sure that once he reaches the next stage, I'll love it more than this one- although I find it hard to believe right now. :)

    As far as the money thing goes- yeah, at least it's something, and find joy in the fact that he's probably seething at the fact that they're getting what they're getting instead of it going into his pocket.

  5. Well, unfortunately, I know him well enough to know he claimed all the back benefits for his other kid - and laughed about the fact that Tommy and Kory would never see a penny of it. I mean, he's done this shit before. He claimed them on his taxes one year and got a big refund. The boys are supposed to get his refunds every year, but they don't because the government takes them to pay back what he got that year. You see, all he had to do when he applied for SSDI was to tell them that Kory and Tom existed, and it all would have been taken care of automatically. He does shit purposely to screw them, and I know he laughs about the shit. We've been split for 14 years, he owes them $16,000 - that's nearly 6 years worth of non-support out of a 13 year period.

    I don't know what's wrong with him to qualify as 'disabled' but I hope it's painful and long-lasting. Like, life-long and excruciating. Seriously. He deserves it.

    He told me after we split and I went for Child support that he'd never pay me anything, because he wasn't going to have any part in supporting another man. That's his mindset.