Friday, February 24, 2006

bed sores and dialysis

Well, his kidneys aren't doing their job, which is why they had the peritinaeal tube draining the fluids from his body. Unfortunately, they still aren't, and he's had no urinary output for 24+ hours, so they put him on lasiks (sp?) to try to kick his kidneys into gear. If that doesn't work soon, they'll put him on dialysis. They've had to increase the epinephrine again because he wasn't holding a steady/acceptable blood pressure without it. He's got a bed sore the size of a quarter on the back of his head that they're treating - they say it'll be a bad enough scar that his hair won't ever grow there, so now he'll have a bald spot. It looks nasty, but they've bandaged it and put some sort of cream on it and they're keeping the weight off of that area by using a gel pillow and keeping his head turned to the side. It formed because of all the swelling, which is even worse today than yesterday. He looks worse every time we see him.

Of course, appearances don't necessarily reflect the actual condition - and the lasiks may kick in in time to avoid dialysis - but they tell me not to be surprised if he's hooked up when we get there in the morning. I don't want him to need it, but if it helps him, I'm all for it, and fortunately, it will be a temporary thing, and as he begins to heal, his kidneys should start functioning again and make dialysis unnecessary. The bed sore will heal, and he'll bitch forever about the bald spot, and I can deal with that. (do they make tiny little toupees? Maybe baby-weaves? haha.)

I'm just ready for some good news. As of yesterday, there was no real forward movement, but we were ok with that because there hadn't been any setbacks. Now his heart rate is elevated, his pressures are back down - his epinephrine is up again, and he's looking at dialysis.

I just need some good damn news.


  1. Oh Erin, I am so sorry there hasn't been more good news lately. Nova is in my constant prayers, and so are you.

  2. E, the good news is that women LOVE bald spots. They are very sexy. You have set your son up for a life time of women falling for him.

  3. Continuing to send my love and strength to you and Nova. His candle burns constantly at my altar, and I have faith in his strength.