Sunday, February 19, 2006

Rogue Thoughts

The morning's first thoughts:
Tommy, Kory, Kassi, Brendon, Terra, Nova. . . There's only 2 days left, how many names will I recite on Wednesday morning?

And I'm trying to mentally plan on a long recovery, 4 weeks of running back and forth to the hospital - worrying about who will have the kids. . . Who will pick this one up from that, who will take so-and-so there. Worrying about how long he'll be on the ventilator, will he have any trouble coming off of it, when will he be eating again, how long will we have an NG tube, how much will he be eating when he goes back on the bottle. . .

But sometimes other thoughts slip in, like
should we have the same funeral home that handled Alexis' funeral handle his funeral
and it makes me literally sick to my stomach when I realize that's what I was just thinking.


  1. Erin, you'd be snowing yourself, and the rest of us, if you tried to say such thoughts weren't part of the day.

    I'm no doctor, or nurse, or any sort of medical expert, but I have to think that little Nova has one hell of a good chance of getting through this. And if his past hurdles are any indication- he'll do so quickly.

    The older kids will be fine, and I'm sure that between mom, and friends and classmates, etc. they'll all get where they need to go.

    And the offer still stands, if you need another pair of hands or set of wheels-or just someone to order the kids a pizza one night, I can make it happen.

  2. I know you can't wish the seriousness of this away and I would be deluding myself too to think that just sheer will of everyone who's rooting for Nova could overpower the reality of what he's about to face... But I just want you to know that every ounce of positivity and strength I have is going your way and I'm sure that is true ot a lot of other people. The cords are fat with good vibes, E. I hope it helps. MUCH LOVE!!!

  3. Thoughts and prayers are constantly being sent your way.......can you feel it?.......*hug*

  4. Best wishes and prayers are sent your way for Nova's upcomming surgery.

  5. Directing all the positive thoughts and energy I have to you and Nova ... And I'll try to visualize a long and happy life for you all.
    Hugs, strength and love to you!