Monday, February 13, 2006

Monroe Shopaholics?

Monroe NC: 24.6 square miles, population 28,422. Median household income is approx. $40,000.

Not exactly a booming metropolis, just a small city - especially compared to Charlotte, with nearly 600,00 people and almost 250 square miles.
So what does it say about us that within the city limits there are: a K-mart, a Wal-Mart Super Center, a Target, a Best Buy, a Goody's, a Ross, and Monroe Mall, which has a Sears, a JC Penny, a Belk, a Peeble's, a Bath & Body Works. We also have 2 Bi-Lo stores, 4 Food Lion stores, 1 Harris Teeter store, an ALDI's, and more Dollar Store/Family Dollar/Dollar General/Dollar Tree locations than I can shake a stick at.

Are we shopoholics? Just generally materialistic? Too damn lazy to drive a few minutes to shop?

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