Tuesday, February 28, 2006

TWO pic, cuz I feel brave

And these 2 are from after it was closed. He's a tiny bit more swollen, but nothing to really worry about so long as he keeps peeing. Note the difference in bandages... this one is TINY compared to that huge thing they had on him before! Actually, on his chest, it's just medical tape. The bandages on his belly are around his chest tubes and peritinaeal (PT) drain, which might just come out tomorrow! (the PT, not the chest tubes) They also removed the wires that were atached to his heart in case they needed to hook up pace maker, and he's off of a few more meds, or greatly reduced the dosage of them. If nothing changes for the worse, they'll start actual food through an NG (nasogastral) Tube tomorrow. Yup, he'll be eating through his nose. Don't ALL boys, at one point or another, do the milk-up-the-nose trick?


  1. God bless the little guy, E, and God bless you all! *HUGS!*

  2. Erin, he looks like a totally different child in these pictures. The lack of swelling is remarkable, to put it mildly. I can't tell you how happy I am that he is doing so well. Jeez, they're already weaning him off meds and getting ready to feed him? He'll be eating pizza before you know it. :) *wink*

    He's an incredible fighter, E. Get ready for a lifetime of butting heads with him. :)

    *my word verification for this post is "nkedvts"-- Naked vets?! Blarg! No thanks.