Sunday, February 12, 2006

blogger is good

I've never audio blogged before - didn't know how. I think that having a poet read their work as they intended it to be read really adds something for the audience. I'd really like to do it, but like I said, I didn't know how.

My silly ass just read the blogger help page about it, and boyyyy if I'd have known it was as simple as a phone call...

And, to top that off, we've been beating our heads against this project my 14 year old had to do. He has to interview someone - and they have the option of doing it on paper, or as a recording. Of course, a tape recorder would be so uncool! so he wanted to do it all and burn it to a CD, but the only microphone we have is built in to the laptop, and it sounded like crap, and, well, it's just been one thing after another - mostly just me being a doofus.

So now, we can make a blog, let him do the interview into the phone.... yes yes, I'm liking this. Then he can have the blog (can you "turn in" a blog? and he can download the MP3 files to his MP3 player, or I can save them and burn them to CD...

Yes, blogger is good.


  1. That's really cool, E. I had no idea you could do such things either. Man, makes all those reports I did in school seem ridiculously cheesy.

  2. I remember being in middle school using a typewriter and thinking that my report kicked ass. Now the kids do everything on the pc, burn shit to CDs and MP3 players and stuff. A plain old every day typed out written report would probably make a failing grade anymore.

    Ridiculous really, when you think about the families that don't have access to the internet, printers, CD burners or whatever.

    I can't decide whether I think they learn more doing it this way, or if we did doing it the "old skool" way (LOL!)

    Did you know that they no longer teach cursive? Yup, it isn't part of the curiculum - and they use calculators most of the time for math too. No wonder we're graduating idiots eh?

  3. SO far over my head.