Sunday, February 5, 2006

blah blah

  • I watched City of Angels today. I've seen it before, more than once, but only today did I realize that the baby she diagnosed by intuition had pulmonary atresia. That's a movie I love, one that has always made me cry - but dear god I love the ending.
  • I've never watched a whole episode of Gray's Anatomy. Somehow it caught my attention tonight, and I watched it beginning to end. Is it always as good as it was tonight? I really enjoyed it. But now I have to watch it next week.
  • The Steelers won? What a load of shit.
  • I have a poem stuck in my craw and can't quite cough it up. I can tell you that it's very influenced by Tom Robbins' style. Very. And yes Erin, I am loving every word of "Another Roadside Attraction" but you want to hear something very sad and very indicative of my editorial psychoses? There are typos on pages 29 and 52 - and there's another too, but I can't remember what page it's on. Yup. OCD. That's me.
  • They're calling for snow tomorrow. We probably won't get anything. The newscasters always overreact. However, this means that tomorrow, when I do grocery shopping, there will be only empty shelving where I would normally find the bread and the milk. It's a fact of life down here - people here can't drive in it. No, it isn't redneck stupidity, it's a simple lack of experience. The resulting mass hysteria is mildly amusing though, to be honest. All it takes is the mere mention of a possibility of flurries (which is what they say we might get) to freak out an entire geographical area. Right now, thousands of southern piedmont Carolinians are panicking, and more than likely, it will be for no reason whatsoever.
  • I volunteered to host the Tarheel Tavern the last weekend in February. I need to decide what I'm going to do, whether I'm going to announce a theme or make it a free for all. Anyone have any good suggestions for a theme?


  1. I watch Grey's every week and love it. I have to fish it off last night's tape soon to catch up to where you are.

  2. snow? yea right!

  3. Anonymous4:05 PM

    Well of course going to the grocery store at the mention of snow is required. You have to go. There is no choice. I still find myself doing it up here in snow-land. They call for snow, I head to the store. Were we born with it??

    Kisses and hugs

  4. V~
    I think if I'd have seen it earlier on, I'd be an addict, as I am with LOST... I'll definitely at leasst *try* to remember to watch it lol.

    LMAO, right?! What was it, 65 degrees today?

    lol, it seems my regular grocery day always falls on the day they call for snow - just by coincidence- every damn time. But, there was lots of bread and milk still - maybe there's an evolutionary wave spreading across the south!