Wednesday, February 22, 2006


And this is the first look we had at him after the surgery - ok, 2nd look, this is from our 6pm visit yesterday evening, just a little less than 4 hours pre-op. His bassinet was so full of tubes and wires and things that it looked like a bowl of spaghetti, which has earned Nova a new nickname: Meatball.


  1. Meatball, like it!

    I just got on to see about the boy.

    Now I off to prepare myself. Big day ahead, I'm teaching English 112 material to a college classroom in the morning, with a twist of James no less.

    After I'm done, their "fragle eggshell minds" will bleed thirsty. I assure you of that.

    ~ The James

  2. Fragile...maybe. It never fails just when I think I'm smart, nope still stupid.

  3. I like fragle almost as much as I like meatball. It means he's still edible.

  4. fragle... fraggle rock? hmmm.

    And yes, he's still totally edible, but I have to bite much more gently now ;)