Thursday, February 16, 2006

Blue Tattoo: Greetings, Readers & Friends...

I gotta have it gotta have it gotta have it!

Blue Tattoo has a poetry book out!!!

OK, she and I have never really 'talked' or gotten to know each other much, but I've been a regular visitor at her blog and whenever I ever saw anything she'd posted at a forum I was at, I'd squeal like a lil bitch on my way to clicking. I LOVE Tammy's work. Period.

So this, my dears, is another one I'll be getting.

I'm still swooning in the afterglow of Inappropriate Muse, but I cannot wait to buy this book!

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1 comment:

  1. oh that's awesome. i love her work, too, though I've never so much as dropped a line, but I've seen in from site to site and it's very recognizable. She's so talented.

    I'll have to get a copy too :)