Monday, February 27, 2006

12/26/06 sans pics

Nova looks like a different child today. He lost a LITER of fluid in 24 hours. You know how much a liter is when you're talking about a 12 pound baby? He's awake, sort of - still stoned out of his gourd, but he will open his eye in sleepy little slits, and react to our voices or when we touch him. He can't make much noise because of the ventilator tube, but he was trying when we first got there this morning. We'll never know if he was cooing, or crying, but he was definitely trying to make noise. Later on the nurse tried to wash his little face because, well, because it was pretty gooky. I mean, they put eye drops in his eyes, and it was crusty in the corners, and his lips were sort of crusty too... Anyway, he has always hated to have his nose messed with, and she said when she cleaned his nose he tried to fight her and turn his head away.

Now don't misunderstand, he isn't fully "awake" yet, he's weak and slow and still pretty damn sedated, and when I say he moves, it isn't much - but my god what an improvement from when we saw him yesterday!

let's put it this way, the nurse said Dr. Watts came in early this morning, and that he was thriled. Now, you'd have to know Dr. Watts, but he just doesn't do thrilled, and we'll probably never see him act thrilled but if the nurse saw him being that impressed with Nova's progress, then needless to say, we're obviously thrilled - and we DO do thrilled!

So they're pretty sure that they'll be closing his chest on Tuesday morning. They say that when they do that, he'll go through another rough spot where they'll really have to be "vigilant" with his pressures and rates, because closing the sternum changes the pressure on the lungs, heart, and pulmonary artery - so Tuesday will be another scarey day, but obviously, we'll be less concerned than for the actual surgery.

I'd love to show you some pictures, but the camera battery is dead, and I can't. I will, when I get the batteries recharged, and you will be amazed!


  1. YAY!!! I do thrilled too!! Prayers....more PRAYERS AND WELL WISHES. He's a fighter. Just look at who his mother is. This is wonderful news, Erin.

  2. Yaaaaaaaayyyyyyyyyyy! I think I'll go shopping for a "Wecome Home" present for him. If all goes well on Tuesday, do they have any idea when he'll be discharged? Are we talking days, weeks or months?

  3. Erin, this is tremendous, wonderful wonderful news! I'm crying with relief amd joy. Thank God, just thank God!!

  4. Since I can't spell the word I want to use, I will repeat myself. Wonderful!

  5. *thrilled happy dance jiggy with it*

  6. haha, I spelled thrilled with one L. heh. Typos abound lately - guess I should hit spellcheck every once in a while eh?

    Anyway, YAY! Wonderful! Tremendous... all good words lol. Isn't he an amazing little guy?! So much work for lil fella to do.

    Erin, probably several more weeks. They originally said anywhere between 3 and 6 weeks total. We've got a good way to go, and no one has, of course, said anything about going home yet, so I figure several more weeks. Gotta get him off the vent (in a few days) and start feeding him (through the NG tube at first) and eventually get him drinking from a bottle again. And there are still complications and infections to watch for, so it will be a while, but HOPEFULLY not MONTHS!

    Spelling is optional around here lately! (thriled?! haha!)

    Love you all!

    Oh, Erin? Congrats on living in the nations most liveable state! I think NC came in something like 40th but I can't remember lol.