Tuesday, February 7, 2006


I composed this thoughtful introspective post - full of deep insights and new view points. It was about the creative process as it applies to writing poetry, the importance of understanding the effect of various poetic devices, the value of proofreading and revision - and about self-discipline, and my recent lack of it.

Unfortunately, it was all composed in my head while I was in the bathroom and it never made it this far. Now, it's mostly gone, and I don't think I have it in me to rethink it. Yup, no self-discipline.



  1. Shitter Bloggers Unite! Lol. I sympathize with you, E.

  2. Hell, I do that all the time. Whether it's in the bathroom, in the car, at work, wherever, I seem to write my best blog posts when I'm nowhere near the computer.

    The crap I write while I'm actually sitting here is... well, exactly that.

    Ever consider dictating your thoughts?

  3. Maybe this phenomenon isn't as much a sign of insanity as I thought it was lol.

    we'll start an 'organization' Bathroom Bloggers Anonymous
    or some such thing eh?

    Anyway, dictating my thoughts would be great, if I had a tape recorder. Of course, I'd feel like a loon, sitting in the bathroom, pumping and talking to myself as if there was someone listening...

  4. Yeah, I'd feel pretty weird talking to myself in the shitter, too. But all of my doctors dictate their procedures and appointments and they seem to love it. We love it, too, because it means that we don't have to try and decipher their secret doctor scribble. The little recorders really aren't all that expensive. It's the moron talking to herself thing that keeps me from trying it.

  5. Lol. The talking to self part wouldn't bother me so much as my self-consciousness telling me that I have nothing worthy of recording and who do I think I am, etc. Maybe I should start my own sect of the organization? Insecure Bathroom Bloggers Anonymous?

  6. lmao Erin, now THAT'S bad, your alternate voice (I have one of them too - we discuss things, argue sometimes...) tells you that you have nothing worthwhile to say? Shit. Kick her ass!

    Yup, I'd dictate to myself so quietly (so as not to be overheard and "caught" by the rest of the family -and then be dubbed with all sorts of new nicknames like poop-recorder, or Potty Mouth) that I wouldn't be able to HEAR the damn recordings.