Thursday, February 2, 2006

Mostly about money

We haven't had a phone in the house for years. Seriously. I mean we had the cell, but no hardwire phone. And the cell phone actually belonged to the company Scott worked for, the same one he just took over. Well - apparently, the ex-owner/ex-boss is moving to Wilmington to be closer to his new job, and since the phone belonged to him, he decided that he's taking it with him. He stopped by today to pick it up.

Now I understand that it's his phone, but what exactly does he want Scott to do about all the customers that have that number as the contact number for the company? So now we have to get a home phone. I don't mind that, but it's going to take 2 weeks to get it installed. Digital phone service arrives in my livingroom on Feb 17th - but what in hell are the customers supposed to do between now and then?

And we can't get a cell phone, I mean, we could get like a Trac Phone, but not a REAL cell phone, because we can't at this point afford the deposit that they want in order to give us one.

I hate being broke, it complicates life so much. Money may not be able to buy happiness, but I truly think it does offer a bit of peace (or at least 'simplicity' sometimes.

So if you want to contact Scott to have your yard done - email him... yeah, like customers are lining up through my blog. Not.

Speaking of money, I did some math on all of Nova's bills thus far. One of them was nearly $65,000, and that only covered the first 2 weeks of life... anyway, we're already at a running total of (and this is incomplete at this point because we haven't gotten the bill from Sanger for the 2nd heart cath) nearly $100,000. The heart surgery alone will more than double that, plus NICU recovery time at something like $3,000 a day.

Looks like I laid the doctors a golden egg huh?

Heard from Randy today. He's on a new medication - through a clinical trial actually, some experimental thing. He seems to be responding very well to it. They'll do another bone marrow aspiration on Feb. 24th to see if hes back in remission. They seem to be very optmistic that he will be because of how well this new medication is doing. If he is in remission, they'll be rescheduling his transplant for as soon as possible after that. Keep your fingers crossed for him - the donor has already been contacted, rescreened, and is waiting around for word on when to show up in Boston for him.

I spent a penny on eBay the other night. I bought 140 AOL CD's for a penny to donate to Billy for his children's charity art project. I don't know about you guys, but my curiosity is killing me. I can't even begin to get a mental image of what this project of his is going to look like - I'm too flabbergasted by the idea of 1000 AOL cd's. So, in order to satisfy my own nosiness, I'm going to continue to donate AOL cd's, getting them from whoever is willing to part with them - family, friends, eBay sellers, whatever. I mean, there are poor kids out there just waiting for this to be finished.


  1. Good news about Randy. I'll continue to keep him in my thoughts and prayers.

    I understand about the's not that you think it could make you happy, but that it would be nice to have a "cushion," a little security. Just so you could breathe easier. I totally get it. The medical bills, they have to pretty much stay off your back as long as you're making a "good faith effort," right? No matter how little that is each month?

  2. Yes, a cushion - a bit of a financial hemmorhoid ring, because the bill collectors are a pain in my ass.

    And no worries about the medical bills, there's insurance - I was just musing about the amount of money that they charge for life-saving procedures and care. Even medicine is a business and it bothers me to know that it isn't about helping or healing, it's about the profit margin.

  3. As a mail person, I despise the AOL CDs, but I have to deliver them regardless. I wish I could take them all away from these people who are throwing them in the trash and offer them up.

    That was pretty crappy of the ex-boss. I would think that the phone was part of the business, and should stay with it.

    That's great news about Randy. I'll be prayin' for him.

    It's so expensive to have healthy children these days, let alone one who needs some help. I should have been a doctor.

  4. lol me too Mandie, unfortunately, I never even finished nursing classes.