Friday, June 9, 2006

Well, I overslept today. Kory's 8th grade graduation was at 9, I woke up in a panic at 8:13. Believe it or not we'd have been there on time, except that the van broke down and we had to screw with it for an hour. Somehow, luckily, we didn't miss any of the awards or ceremony. He's such a hoot, thinkin' he's all hot and stuff. He struts like nothing you've ever seen. Anyway, I'm now the proud new owner of one rising Freshman.

We ended up parking the (broken down) van in the parking lot of the Nat'l Guard Armory down the street from the school and walking up to the school, so afterwards, we had to walk back to it (still, to our knowledge broken down) and it cranked right up. Sheesh. Scotty says it needs a new relay for the fuel pump. I'm not very mechanically inclined, but that seems like a reasonable diagnosis for the symptoms it's exhibiting. I'm just glad it started and got us home. Know what I'm saying? I'm not all about a 10 mile walk in 90 degree heat, pushing a grumpy kid in a stroller.

When we got home I pretty much went straight to the garden. Didn't actually do a lot, except possibly kill some crocuses (crocii?) and weed one last remaining area that we haven't messed with because we're going to turn into a raised flower bed with some pretty-happy-colorful perennials of some sort. Unfortunately, there were crocus bulbs planted there, and they'd never really done very well, so I dug them up and transplanted them into the Memory Garden as a sort of border (that will only be present in early spring, so as not to compete with the later blooming plants there.)

So, let me see. There are Crocus, Nandina, some other non-flowering thingies, and of course the Cupcakes and Supernovas (soon) and we want some Mountain Phlox for between the stones of the fountain, and maybe some white Delphinium along the backside of the whole thing, as a backdrop of sorts. Big plans, small pocketbook - we'll never get all of this done this season, so my "after" pics won't be until NEXT spring/summer! But I will post some pics of what we have so far in the next few days.

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