Friday, June 9, 2006

Raising the Bar

Thanks to Eve's fella Roy donating last night/this morning, I've met the $1000 goal, so I've set my sights on another $1000, and raised my personal goal to $2000, and the team goal to $3000. My hubby and kids better get to work on that other grand!

Anyway, thank you Roy! He doesn't (that I know of) have a blog, so I'm adding a link to this, which has a picture of him.

So here we start round two of the fundraising! Let's see how long it takes to do it again. If I get another $1000 in the next two weeks, the way the first $1000 came in, it'll blow my mind all over again! As it is, LOOK! I'm on the top fundraisers list, at position #4 Thomas O'Connor is in 3rd spot with $1,025. John Rohr has $1,105 in 2nd place, and Pam Cook is in first with $1,600. I'm just $25 behind #3! Who's willing to donate $26 and put me ahead of Thomas O'connor(us, actually... US, me, Scotty, the kids, and all of you who are donating) in the #3 spot?


  1. Yep. That article from last year (in Afghanistan) shows Roy in all his greasy glory, doing what he does best. Fixing humvees.

    And yeah, he's a great guy. I showed him your donation page sitting at $975/$1000 and he said he just couldn't let you sit that close to your goal. Such a sweetheart.

  2. A sweetheart... and not too hard to look at either. I mean, you know, if you're into that dark skinned handsome military guy type thing. . .