Sunday, June 18, 2006

Sound Waves

Sound Waves

So I read one of my poems... I was very unsure of myself, but I did it. I immediately found it to be addictive, and have had to fight myself all day not to call ODEO again, because I had things to do that I had to get done. I had no idea I'd be such a trend setter!
While I was doing things several members of my poetry family decided to read some poetry and make audio posts too! I'm tickled beyond words. Poetry is always more alive when read in the author's voice, more true to its intent. I've known James, Mary and Dave for years through Moontown Cafe, and I've spoken with Mary on the phone, but Dave had it right, I suddenly feel like I know each of them better for having heard them read their poetry.

James reading "Lunatic"
James reading "The Calling"

Mary reading "Concrete Jungle"

Dave reading "Death in Motion" "Sit Down" and "A Powerful Drug"

And now we have another!
Erin2 Reads AND sings! (but does not provide permalinks :|)
I've talked to E2 on the phone a couple of times. She has a very gentle voice, sexy too ;)


  1. LOL...Poetry is a beautiful thing!!!

  2. you trendsetter, you! Way to go E! Look at all the people you've encouraged to come out of their shells! Neat-o.

    Sorry, I'm a tougher egg to crack.

  3. My shell's usually empty. I go into it. Almost never am I aware of leaving my shell. And my resilience is its own enigmatic testament.

  4. It's ok James. Sometimes I only pretend to leave my shell. It's like a holographic projection sent from within my shell through that hole in the top that someone created with a needle, just before they blew all the egg out...

  5. Yes!

    But it is projections like these that cannot be pretended.

    YOU can "really" leave it though. Let it all go, all inhibitions, at least within that moment, that place where emotion and conviction rise and fall, together, like the breath of sleeping lovers, effortless, but simultaneous.

  6. Sometimes, yeah.

    I get claustrophobic, stir crazy, climb out through that hole to look at the pretty designs painted on the outside. Sure, the colors are in baby pink and baby blue, but they're beautiful...

    You know James, I think your last reply was possibly one of the most beautifully worded replies I've ever read. What an image.

    haha, my word verification strand is "iseoz" I see Oz... I'm off to see the Wizard.

  7. This is so cool, this is so cool, looks like you all have the fever.