Saturday, June 10, 2006

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It's done. Well, at least it's partially done. The Johnny-Jumper, the carseat and both bases, the bouncy seat, the portable swing, the baby tub, they're gone. I've still got the clothes to sort through, the crib to dismantle, but the majority of Nova's things have been given to my niece. I had told myself I was going to do it this weekend, but in the back of my mind I'd pretty well decided that I wouldn't actually do it. But she (and her boyfriend's grandmother) showed up today (unannounced, grrrr!) and I just gathered it all while she was here, and told her just to take it, while I wasn't falling apart about it (and while I had an audience, in front of which I won't cry...)

Now to get myself in there to do the rest.

There is presently a fridge, a microwave and a pair of long-forgotten end tables in my yard for sale. All the money raised will go to the Heart Walk. I'm straining my brain to think of other things I could sell. Had I not already promised the baby things to my niece, I'd have sold them for the Heart Walk too. I think it would have made a real statement.

Did anyone else watch Chicago Hope at 3am this morning? Yes, well, now you know the stimulus for last night's crying jag. I'm going to have to stop watching TV altogether.

I got a call yesterday (one I didn't know I'd received, and only got the message for this morning) from a woman at the Charlotte office of The American Heart Association. She wants to meet with me. I don't know if all participants get this call, or if it's thanks to the generosity of all of you bringing my name to the Top Fundraisers list. Somehow I think it's unusual for one person to generate $1000 in donations in a 2 week time frame, and that most likely caught someone's attention. I'll call her Monday when the office re-opens and set up a meeting. I'll let you guys know if it's routine, or if you should all take credit for the meeting. I really believe it's because of all of you, so thanks for that. She said she had some "materials" to enhance my fundraising endeavor, so I'm looking forward to seeing what that might include!

Last night, I emailed that local radio station and made an inquiry about advertising. No word yet. I also emailed a local christian radio station, no reply on that either. A couple of nights ago though, I got an email from a girl named Kirsty, administrator of a web forum called Mummybrain. She said that there were a lot of fun forums there, and that there was also one dedicated to parents who'd lost babies, that perhaps I'd find it helpful. I thought maybe I would too, so I joined. This morning I got another email, from a member (or former member? I don't know.) saying that this Kirsty was a backstabber and blah blah blah. I don't have time for the petty shit in my life right now, I'm certainly in no mood for the politics of a board I've barely even looked at. Obviously there's some kind of shit going on there, so I posted and emailed requesting that my membership be cancelled and my profile removed. Screw that immature highschool crap. No thank you very much.

Now, someone needs to buy my stuff! But we put it out late, and it's really hot out (nearly 95) so maybe we'll do better in the morning. We shall see... but I'm not very good at patience.


  1. Yup Kirsty from MB is a wacko! I'm a former member and a while ago did email a bunch of members to let them know what she had been doing. I'm glad you didn't fall for her shit!


  2. Um, so... now you're surfing the web via google searches, looking for any mention of her, or the board, so that you can post replies about her? And she's the whacko?

    Grow up and get a damn life. And you can take my link off that cheerios site too thanks.