Saturday, June 24, 2006

Diet Coke

Have you seen that Diet Coke commercial where the woman walks into a barbershop and has her hair all cut off? I think I'm going to do that. Seriously.


  1. You're not gonna buzz it off completely, are you? It's a great feeling of liberation, let me tell you that! The last time I cut my hair, I took off about 7 inches. That was about two months ago.

    Go for it. I love your hair short anyway. You look so freaking cute!

  2. heh Mary, the first time I cut my hair short, it was to my waist, I had it bobbed. I lost 16" of hair. Liberating indeed! A friend of mine and I had decided to go out for lunch and wander around the mall a while. We went in the salon on a whim. Poor Scott didn't recognize me when he came home that afternoon, but it felt SO good!

    Anyway, no not buzzed but short. I'm sick of messing with all this hair, it's always in my face, and looks horrible.

  3. I think after Roy leaves for Iraq I'm going to cut mine short too. I'm tired of dealing with it. And I wish it would stop falling out!