Thursday, June 15, 2006

Hey Norton!

Want to see something that will make your jaw drop?

There's another blog I read fairly regularly, it's the blog of a man whose son has recently had heart surgery, called "Hey Norton." He's just received a copy of a bill from the hospital where his son was treated. Note, this is just a partial bill, and covers his hospitalization only, not the actual surgical procedure.

(Also keep in mind that Nova's bills would put this to shame, Nova's charges, just for the joy of sleeping in CVRU for 45 days and 44 nights is nearly $520,000 alone. The doctor's bills ($30,500 of which I still can't get straightened out) Radiology bills (at least 1 x-ray a day, several EKGs etc...) Respiratory therapy, the open heart surgery itself, the colostomy (and the repair of said colostomy) the angiojet, etc... don't reflect in that total.

Thank god for insurance.

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  1. Holy Crap, E! While I find it disgusting, the cost of healthcare, I don't find it surprising at all.

    I remember looking over the bills from Labor and Delivery after J's birth. $8.00 for a single tylenol! And that's nothing in comparison to major surgical procedures and prolonged stays! Wow!

    It's mind-blowing, isn't it?