Tuesday, June 13, 2006

Call for Carolina Blog Submissions

Heard the Word of Blog?

What: The Tarheel Tavern
Who: You and me baby!
When: June 18, 2006
Where: Right Here!
Why: Because it's the thing to do!

All you Carolina Bloggers (including those Carolinians who have never joined us!) send in your permalinks by Saturday June 17th, 9pm, and the Tavern will open sometime Sunday morning.

Theme: Reciprocation:
"What, when, and/or how have you benefitted from giving to others?"

I have found that being able to do something for someone else is a very satisfying experience, and that when giving, it comes back in some way, enriches you, fills you, so to speak.

In other words, I want to hear about your personal stories with the process of give and take. Of course, as always, I'll be happy to include any posts that aren't on theme. So email them to me!


  1. Wow so nice to be in such grand company...

    hey maybe we should get over the fear of our voices, bite the bullet and post audios at least bi monthly....Are ye up to it?

  2. uh, uhm, er... really? heh, I suppose if I had someone to hold me to my word, I might just do it lol. OK... I'll post one sometime in the next 24 hours, once I stop cringing :)