Wednesday, June 21, 2006

Japanese Beetles and Zen (audio)

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Japanese Beetles and Zen

It is a place of solitude.

I, alone in after-shower contemplation,
find stillness in swirls of steam.
This is where the window is
through which I watch the clustered horde create.

They're oblivious of me, audience of one
enthralled with the beauty of metallic backs
bowed over the work of making lace
from the leaves of my lilies.

From here I see their final products:
delicate havoc,
negative space,
and the art of hunger.

I had to record this about 8 times, I kept getting tongue-tied and giggling. Once, I screwed up and said, "crap!" and from that point forward all I could do is start over, giggle, start over, giggle...

Eventually I called again and I was still on the verge of giggling, so I ended up reading too fast, trying to get it all out before I started laughing again. So. This still isn't really quite how I wanted it to sound. Maybe I'll rerecord it later.


  1. You know, I listened to this so I could hear some giggling. *sigh* oh well, just the fact that I know you were giggling makes me feel good... in that warm fuzzy kinda way. ;-)

  2. Ah Eve, I giggle, a lot. Ask Mary or Erin... I giggled the whole time I talked to the two of them...

    I giggle more than I have any right to. Just, you know, not in the middle of a poem after yelling "CRAP!" into the phone ;)

  3. Despite the giggle fits that went into the making of this, I have to tell you that your voice sounds so much stronger and more confident in this one.

    You know, with the ease of this Odeo thing, or at least it seems easy to someone who's never tried it, I was wondering if maybe there would be a chance at a MTC call in radio show or something? Heh, you could set up podcasts for people to download or something.

    Well, maybe not you, necessarily, since you have so many irons in the fire already, but SOMEONE could. I'm really loving all the spoken poetry.

    Hmmm... does the MTC website have the ability to post these sorts of files? A new folder, perhaps?

    Ahhh, ideas running amuck!

  4. Haha Ang, I had read it 16 times in a row, I guess I was a little more confident. I think I read a little too fast in the beginning, but it's ok for a second audiopost.

    I'd love to see some sort of MTC radio come back, as a podcast or something. I just doubt it will happen any time soon. I don't have a clue how to do a podcast. If I did, I'd consider it. As for the site, I don't know if it has the capacity to hold those types of files, but I sure don't have access to upload it if I did ever figure out how to podcast...

    I really miss the things that used to make MTC tick.

  5. LMAO. You know, when I was recording In the silence I fumbled too but my choice phrase was "aw, piss!" I had to redo that thing a couple times myself. At least it wasn't live :-P

    Ang, that is a freaking great idea!! Moontown radio...oh, man. All the possiblities!!

  6. You must've re-recorded, 'cause this is just perfect. Love it. That Blue Tattoo you're sending folks to is incredible, too.

  7. Nice job chick. Hey I'm thinking you dig doing these audio posts as much as we dig listening to them. Cool.

    You sounded relaxed as heck and poised to me...I would have enjoyed the crap bomb thrown in there, heh heh, maybe next time Erin, you can let it all hang lose. heh hehe.

  8. ..delicate havoc,
    negative space
    and the art of hunger.
    These three lines lift this poem out of the ordinary for me.

  9. Erin, it is so lovely to hear poetry on the web; it makes all the difference! Thank you.

  10. i can only echo crunchy weta and archmemory. i loved those three lines. read first silently, then to hear you read it with such calm reserve.

    thank you

  11. Hello Erin, I like this poem and really like how you read it also. It's truly haunting at the end, great job! Take care,


  12. This is such an amazing poem, and your reading just really put it over the top. (You have an excellent voice by the way).