Thursday, June 15, 2006

super nova

Super Nova indeed. That makes me smile. And cry a little.
I've updated my little thermometer thingy, but I really liked this so I thought I'd share :)


  1. Oh Erin you have just made this broke old hippy artist from Missouri blush, a little.

    Nova is one of the most beautiful names I have ever heard for a child, it fits a beautiful name for a beautiful child.

    I can't express to you what I am feeling right now, from all you have been through, I can say that a piece of my heart goes out to you, and your loves. xx, cause I am a sappy old chicky, Lori

  2. Nova's name is actually a long story, but I'll just say that it was he was meant to be "Nova" ... just wish he hadn't had to go supernova on me...

    I really do appreciate that piece of your heart, thank you so much.

    Anyway, blushing isn't allowed around here ;) Well, not until I post that audiopost! Then, I'll blush!!


  3. Lori ROCKS my world!

    I've been meaning to update my thermometer, but our network is down, and I'm taking short turns at the Mothership computer. Hope to have things in working order soon.