Thursday, June 1, 2006

Thursday Thirteen?

I'm going to do this Thursday Thirteen thing this week. I won't guarantee it'll be weekly, because I lack self-discipline, but we'll see.

Thirteen Reasons to laugh at myself:
  1. I have a habit of critiquing everything I read and hear. This includes the news (The CNN ticker drives me insane) and novels (Yes Erin, I made mental notes of typos and editing misses in even Tom Robbins' books!)
  2. I can't spell the words beaurocracy and fliers... Flyers? Whichever.
  3. I know those words are misspelled and I'm going crazy trying not to correct them (via spellcheck of course, because I cannot spell them correctly on my own)
  4. I laugh at my mother for not being able to spell the word "else" despite the fact that I too have words I can't spell.
  5. I rarely enjoy rhyming poetry, but sometimes my mind automatically writes in rhyme, which I promptly critique, edit, revise and do away with.
  6. I'm terrified of even the smallest of spiders, in the whole stand on a chair and scream at them sort of way. (There was once one in the car, and I made Scott stop at the side of the road, let me out, and kill the spider before we could go on. The spider was about the size of a pencil lead.)
  7. I memorize people's clothing, physical descriptions, license plate numbers and car descriptions because I imagine that everyone is a potential criminal, and I might have to identify them to the police later.
  8. I often start things I don't finish (especially laundry haha!)
  9. I have an affinity for certain bad words, words most women are highly offended by, one that starts with a c especially. I rarely say it out loud, but it seems to be the word that comes into my mind, where other people would think something like "You piece of shit!" I think, "You c- - - !" because I'm a very bad girl. I am not offended by it, but have used it a few times specifically for it's offensive qualities.
  10. I'm overly trusting, and yet, totally distrustful, if that makes any sense at all. I trust people too easily, but mistrust the universe and all those implied promises that we all take for granted (like seeing your child grow up, and sunrise) Actually, I'm a huge oxymoron on a lot of levels.
    man, this 13 thing is harder than it looks!
  11. I love liver and onions, but I really have a hard time cooking it - I think it looks like placenta when it's raw. Nasty. I share this oddity with my husband, only he's worse, he won't eat it if he sees it raw, so I have to kick him out of the kitchen.
  12. Sometimes, I refuse to capitalize the word god, just to get under the skin of very religious people.
  13. I drink coffee, the whole coffee, and nothing but the coffee. So help me god.


  1. Ha!

    Germain Greer did a wonderful piece on TV about why the c*** word was better than vagina. Apparently c*** means the whole lot down there, whereas the root of the word vagina is 'sheath'. When you think of it like that, she said, the (so called acceptable) name that calls our tickly bits nothing but a receptacle or covering for a man's what-have-yous is actually much more offensive....

    Honestly, she did a whole section in a very upmarket BBC program researching word roots for the new issue of the Oxford English Dictionary.

    There, All that and no rude words! :-)

  2. Liver. I eat it, all but the wings.

  3. This is a very cool idea... I might steal it from you eventually.

    Oh, and liver... *gag*

  4. I'm right there with you on #1,2 (but words that end with l),3,4,6 (but roaches),8,9,10,12,13.
    That's too much alike. Spoooky!