Saturday, June 24, 2006

How's it Hangin'?

So, I had a Zen moment watching the Japanese Beetles the other day as they devoured my lilies. I found some brilliantly poetic moment of enlightenment, a certain peace with the universe and all that it encompasses.

I got over it. I sprayed the piss out of those bastards with some sort of beetle spray. It's war. It's all very unZen. They will soon (hopefully) be very dead, pretty black-mother-of-pearl backs and all.

Funny moment of the day:
Bren goes in to bathroom to pee. He closes the door, and starts doing his business. Terra comes up with some can't-wait information that Bren absolutely must hear, and goes running in after him.

3 seconds later Terra comes running out saying, "Mommmm! Bennon have a hangin-down butt ting in hims pants! hahaha Dat Funny!"

Brendon comes out every shade of red imaginable. So many shades in fact that I decided to forego this prime opportunity to tease him, I mean, really. Even I couldn't be that mean. I imagine he'll start breaking the "no-locked-doors-in-my-house" rule very soon. And I'm thinking it may just be time to teach Terra the art of knocking and something about the difference between boys and girls now...


  1. Oh E! That's too funny! Poor Bren! He's at that age when modesty becomes a huge issue and he's got the little sister that hasn't learned privacy or modesty yet knocking down doors and announcing to the world all of his business! Jeez. Wish I could have been there for that. Heh, seriously funny stuff.

  2. HA! This makes me remember back to when I was younger and my older sister Jo was going through puberty. (I'm sure she'd be thrilled to know I'm talking about this!) I walked in on her while she was showering and then ran yelling to my mother "Mom! Jo's got hair down there!" (I think I was 8 or 9 at the time)

  3. um...this story reminds me of the time I was babysitting my best friends daughter. I was changing her diaper, coz we were still pre-potty training, and I could see the boys snickering in the corner and pointing towards Brittini. John was 5, Mike was 4 and Rich wasn't even two at the time. Well, they'd never seen a girl before (I was pregnant with Rose). Anyway, I finished changing her and asked the boys what was so funny. Mike starts belly laughing and John answers, while he's cracking up, "she has one whole butt!!!" Ah, yes....good times!! LOL

  4. I keep re-reading this cause I just LOVE how you write it out how Terra talks. I think the way she talks is VERY cute. HEY, I have an idea!! Why don't you do the Odeo thing and have Terra on there? That would be just TOO cute!