Monday, June 19, 2006

Father's Day is done and I'm glad

Father's Day is done and I'm glad. Men handle things better than women I think. Well, they handle things in a less dramatic way anyway. I handled Mother's Day poorly, me being female and Mother's Day so soon after his death, well... I didn't do nearly as well as Scotty did today. Of course, he didn't make barbequed ribs or marble cake for me...

The donations total, as you can see up there, is at $1545... $1575 for the team. That stupid refrigerator finally sold today. Yes, I've had it sitting in my yard plugged in and running for a week. I got $50 for it, and I donated it to the Heart Walk. I also got another $25 donation this morning, only $455.00 to go to meet the revised goal. Looks like I'll have to raise it again before long.

I still have a microwave to sell, I think I'll put it on the Swap Shop and the end tables too, though I all but give up on getting rid of those end tables. I doubt I could bribe anyone into taking them, they're right ugly. They're the epitomy of 'Country' ... heavy as hell, sturdy enough to hold the truck up while you change the tire, - light pine, 2x4 construction, not hand built, but they could almost pass for it. If I say "chunky" does that give you an idea? Who knows maybe someone will want them.

I thought for a minute that I might put a link up for the tshirts I've designed too, let folks order them and put the profit to the Walk, but I can't decide wheter to or not. I'd have to redesign the shirt (as it is right now, it's sort of half-finished because none of the other CHD parents have joined yet, so I haven't been able to add the babies/children's names like I'd originally planned.) Plus, I can't decide whether it would be a waste of a large amount of money... I mean, if someone is willing to part with $25, would it be better to have a $25 donation, or to have a $5 donation, and someone wearing the tshirt out there, raising awareness? Would the shirt actually get worn often enough to do any good? Know what I mean?

I finally have that meeting set up with the AHA Rep. We meet at 8am Monday morning. Her emails have been pretty funny, I think we'll hit it off just great. I still have no idea what she has to offer in the way of information, but hey, I get to go out for coffee without the kids Monday morning! Wooo Hooo!


  1. Erin, why don't you finish up the t-shirt artwork as much as you can, and then use cafepress to sell them, giving all proceeds to the heart walk? If I understand correctly, if you do cafepress there's no real upfront money lost. I'm sure there are other services similar to theirs, too. If you do that, you'll be doing both- raising donations AND getting the message out.

  2. BTW, how did the meeting go? It's 5pm on Monday now and your audience is dying to know. Ok, well, at least I am. :)

  3. I just realized that I'm an idiot and you probably meant that the meeting is NEXT Monday. *smacks forehead*

    I'll go hide in a corner now.

  4. Ang
    lmao, yep, next Monday.

    That was my thought with the shirts... but like I said, I'm weighing the $25 donation vs $5 donation + awareness. I don't know if people would buy them (and no there's no cash out of pocket lost if no one does) or how often anyone would wear them, or if it would be often enough to make it an effective awareness raiser... still just sort of thinking out loud about the idea.

  5. Yes Erin, you are definitely on fire chick. You go girl.

    I think out loud too, especially on paper. I find that it really helps to put my thoughts in logical order and allows me to set the unconscious mind to work on the decisions that I need to make. You'll figure it all out soon. xx, Lori

  6. I think say offer shirts and don't bullshit anyone (or let them bullshit themselves!) Why not just say: If you really think you'll wear it, thus helping by spreading the word, of this $30 (example number) expense, $10 will go toward the heart walk. If you won't wear it, why not just donate the $30 (after all, you were just about to buy a shirt you admit you didn't really want, right?)

    If I were you, I'd make it a fun example of human nature and ive people the choice.